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Dr. Oscar de Bruijn

Behavioural Science has been my life and work for almost 30 years. Setting out as a theoretical psychologist researching visual information processing and communication, I was later able to apply this work to the design of interactive technology collaborating with BAe, Philips Design and Mitsubishi Electronics among others. I have applied behavioural science to ecommerce design, consumer research, social media and adaptive systems design, while also conducting fundamental research into online conversations and chat services, resulting in over 50 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles and numerous invitations from all over the world to talk about my work. I am an honorary member and theme leader in Decision Analytics & Behaviour of the Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre of the University of Manchester.

At Imperial College London and most recently the Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) I taught hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students about how human behaviour constitutes a major factor in the successful application of technology in business in courses such as human-computer interaction, user experience design, global team working, social media and social networks, digital business and the psychology of behaviour & decision making. I also taught about management decision making at executive level at AMBS. I have further collaborated with companies, such as Roche Diagnostics, Qinetic and Amadeus Capital Partners, on behaviour design, social engineering and decision support.

I am a strong advocate of systems thinking and the belief that complex problems are ill-served by oversimplification. Our ability to explain human behaviour as boundedly rational adaptations to our increasingly complex environments has overturned decades of conventional thinking and given us new powers to design these environments to suit our purposes. I am keen to apply these insights to improve your technological solutions

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Who needs Behavioural Science Insights?

Technology is only as good as how users use it. If you feel that technology does not offer the return on investment you hoped for, then it is time to address issues with its use, its users and its usability. Lack of uptake, non-compliance and low convergence can in most cases be traced back to a mismatch between what users really want and need and what the technology and its management demand from them.

Think you know your users ... think again!

What you need is an injection of behavioural science insight to help understand and change users' behaviour in Digital Marketing, CRM/Social Media, Global Team Work, Project Management (including Agile, XP and Kanban), Knowledge Management, ERP implementation, Behavioural Cyber Security and Decision Support.

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Strategic Solutions at the Interface between Behaviour and Technology

Security Compliance

It has been estimated that up to 80% of security breaches are due to human error. GDPR makes any data breach potentially very costly. The reasons why employees do not always comply with security guidelines are often systemic and may be difficult to pinpoint, but the process can be greatly helped by the application of behavioural science insights into their decision making. Behavioural science can also be applied to the design of behavioural interventions that complement and enhance your technological solutions.


Not reaching your KPIs? Technology investments aim to drive productivity growth, but technological change can have impacts beyond those considered at the time of implementation as users adapt to their new environments. I offer systems analysis and diagnostics (e.g., complex adaptive systems analysis) to find behavioural barriers and bottlenecks and design bespoke innovative solutions including workflow rationalization (the adaptive toolbox), (cross-cultural) communication and interaction workshops, and gamification.

Customer Behaviour

The key to growing sales in ecommerce is knowing what drives the decisions that convert prospects into customers who keep coming back for more. I offer comprehensive behavioural analysis (e.g., bounded-rational agent analysis) of customer's interactions with your technological touchpoints to generate solutions that nudge customer behaviour where it needs to go. (read more)